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Default Running while playing


I have an 8 month old GSD boy. Usually, apart from walks, I like to play fetch with him in a field where I'll chuck his favorite ball and let him chase it down and bring it back.

Someone told me that it isn't good to let puppies run, but I always took that to mean if I took him on a run for a few miles not running while he plays.

I usually keep the play sessions no more than 20-30 minutes at a time and give him chances to sit and rest when he needs it, though he recovers extremely quick and is usually able to play for pretty much the entire 20-30 minutes.

Just wondering if I could be doing hip damage since he is still a pup or if it's ok to have him play fetch and run around a field.

Eventually I will want to take him on runs, but I know not to do that until he is at least 18 months old and matured (even then I know he needs to slowly ramp up to distance).

That said, just wondering if it is ok for him to run at his own pace and chase stuff down or if even that is not advisable for pups.

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