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Default Treats for a 9-1/2 week old?

We just brought home our Puppy this past Monday and so far he's been doing good. Aside from him getting rougher with his play in the evening, landsharking some, he's been excellent most all day long. We re-direct his biting to his toys, try to stay active with him, and take him outside as much as the weather has been allowing (It's been raining and snowing this past week).

I'd like to start attempting some basic training but had a question about treats. What type of treats are best for a GS pup, or are treats at 9-1/2 weeks not a good way to go yet? I don't want to give him anything that may not be good for his digestive system.

We going to start puppy class next week, but I wanted to try some at home first.
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