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Default Walks - advice?

My puppy is about 4 months old. He has trouble leaving his 'territory.' Whenever I try walking him, I get him outside the yard and about 10 feet down the sidewalk before he stops and refuses to go any further. First he'll try pulling towards home, then when he realizes I won't go for it, he'll lay down and refuse to budge. I've tried changing directions while he's moving and if it's not towards home or we go past home, he lays down. I've tried waiting him out (sat for over an hour waiting him out) but once he's laying down, he won't budge, even towards home so I end up having to pick him up. I've tried carrying him down a block then walking and he immediately lays down and refuses to move. I've tried driving him away from home and he lays down in the car or the crate, whines and if he doesn't vomit or have diarrhea, he shows stress and won't move. I tried luring him with treats and the first time, we went 15 feet down the block before he realized what was happening and sat down, he refused treat lures after that point. I tried forcing him to keep going but he's small still and it really doesn't look good dragging a puppy who's laying down as deadweight, refusing to move and whining. Any advice is appreciated. I want to build him up and expose him to different environments but I don't want to terrorize the poor little guy either. I'm open to any suggestions at this point.
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