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Default I think Hans is turning into a GSD!!

Maybe not really a brag or small victory- just an interesting observation of late...

Hans who spent most of his previous life in a kennel, has for many months been of the attitude of:

"OMG! I'm Freee! I'm Freeee!

Whenever he would meet someone it was a chore to keep him from jumping on them with that "Pet me! Pet me! Pet me! enthusiasm.

Lately, when he meets someone you can literally watch him look them up and down, as if sizing them up. I think this is a good thing. He is still very friendly ( if they pass the test, I guess).

As for the one person he apparently didn't like (but did not see as a threat) he simply yawned and looked away.

I kind of like that he is a bit aloof and somewhat discerning now.

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