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A lot of you have seen this on Facebook already, so apologies for the repetition, but I did want to update everyone who helped me on my previous thread (Pet Snakes?).

I know I was originally going to go with a Ball Python, but I just couldn't help myself I ended up deciding on a Jungle Carpet Python, and I guess we'll just see how it goes LOL I guess crazy WL German Shepherds aren't what people usually recommend for a first dog, either, so maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

I'm not as worried about getting tagged and the little nips as I used to be, which is good because I still plan on handling frequently. Plus, the breeder thinks it'll be fine to get one as a beginner herp owner, which helps with decision. I'm actually really looking forward to it!

I've already picked out the baby I want, and will be picking him up at the expo in January. Meanwhile, I'll begin purchasing supplies for the enclosure! Here's a picture for those interested -

And the "pedigree" (family tree). I'm hoping he'll get better looking in time and take after his mother.

We'll start out with a tub until he gets prettier, and then I'll see about saving up for a better display. Plus I'll have to buy a thermometer, a hydro-thermometer, substrate, two hides, an under tank heater, substrate (aspen?), and possibly a climb. Will try to find a wide water dish too for the humidity, too. Would really love any input from the experts, too!
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