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Post Why does my puppy throw up only at night?

My 6 month old shepherd recently, over the last month or so, has started to vomit at night and early morning. Most of the time, it's just greenish yellow foam/liquid. So I figured it was an empty stomach. The other night, I found a round worm and treated him for it the next day. The vomit has only had food in it twice. One of which was just now, and the liquid was brown and not really green like usual. It had a thick substance in it, along with a few chunks of food. Tried having a later dinner to maybe help with the vomiting, but that didn't seem to help. I have not changed his food recently. I am considering changing back to Eukanuba, he is currently eating Purina One large breed puppy food. Also, how will I know if the worms are gone? I only found one, which was in his vomit, and treated it with "Vetscription Worm Away". There have been none in his poop. Like I said, I have only found one single worm, took it to the vet, and they confirmed it was a round worm. Thank you in advance!
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