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Default Two Female German Shepherd Puppies

We made a huge mistake.

We thought it would be better for our 5 month old german shepherd puppy to have a companion so we got another german shepherd puppy (3 months old).

Our 5 month old is very well trained but I can see already that she is becoming more interested in her new sister than listening to us. Also the 3 month old seems to have no interest in anything other than the other puppy.

My husband thinks everything will be fine and he is in love with both dogs. I am the one who stays home with them all day so I see more of the problems. They also fight over him, the older one whining if the younger one gets attention.

Theyre both female, theyre both puppies, its obviously a disaster in the making.

How do I convince my husband that its best for both puppies if we rehome the 3 month old?

Please help.
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