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Default Chewing Toys in Our Lap (Yuk) and won't take "No" for an Answer

Our eight and a half month old male GSD constantly brings his toys to us and then insists on chewing them IN OUR LAP. When I say constantly, I mean every waking minute he is not in his kennel. This behavior started at approximately five months old. We used to say "Oh how cute, isn't that sweet!". Now it is absolutely exhausting! Telling him "no" is pointless (I will get to our "no" issues shortly.). It is not just his slobber, about half the time he dunks his toys in his water bowl - then proudly brings them over to chew on us. As I said - exhausting! Big surprise... It is happening as I am writing this.

So, on to our "no" issues..., first let me preface this by saying I have successfully owned and raised dogs (German Shepherds, Border Collies, Yorkies and mixed breeds) for over twenty five years. So, this isn't my first rodeo. But, I have never owned a dog that I have not been able to teach "no". He completely ignores this command!

Any thoughts on why he insists on chewing his toys in our lap and any advise on teaching him the meaning of "no". Obviously, if we could teach him "no", the chewing problem could be solved.

We thank you for any help!
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