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Default Freedom! Run run run!

Dogs did something very very odd today. So unlike either of them.

I got home from work. Decided to grab a handful of firewood before going in the house. Opened screen door and right as I opened the main door both dogs bolted. I mean they hit the bricks at full clip with a mission in mind. Zipped down my road(private), crossed the main road(small heart attack there) and went out of sight. I had, by this point, dropped the firewood and was half sprinting/jogging to catch up. There might be a few olympic runners that can hang with a dog for a few hundred meters, and I am 100% sure I am not one of them.

As the sight lines straighten up I see them, still in overdrive, both with head down and pumping as hard as they can. They reached a random (to me) house about a 1/4 mile from my place and both hit the brakes and begin to investigate the yard. Not the "ohhh, found something neat here" kind of finding something but a more "FOUND IT, KNEW IT WAS HERE!" sort of sniffing around. I had no issue calling them to me once I arrived in the yard, de-belted myself, looped that around Cable's neck and grabbed Allie by the scruff.

I started to return home, hunched over and breathing heavily and the homeowner kinda materialized out of nowhere. "Hey, pretty dogs there".

Me: "Uhhh, yeah, sorry about this. They just beelined it here, really weird. I'll get the out of your hair now."
Him: "Can I pet them?"
Me: "Uhhh, I really outta be going now, long walk home and I'm short a leash. Been up all night, I'm tired and sort of P.O.ed at the dogs."
Him: "Pretty dogs, hope to see you again."


I cannot figure out why or what made the dogs so helllbent on sniffing that dudes yard. The guys reaction to a pair of GSDs investigating his yard and an out of breath grown man schleping about in his front yard was WEIRD.

I am seriously considering asking my niece to stay here at my house a night or two while I am at work too see if anything odd is going on.
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