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Breeders who own breeding females pick their studs VERY carefully. Usually if someone owns a male that they consider breedworthy, they would have done everything that the flow chart lays out to prove that they have an outstanding dog in both conformation and temperament. Once the dog is out there winning titles and being seen in working venues and events, then they start to attract the attention of breeders who are looking for studs that will enhance their breeding program and complement the traits of the female, and usually it is the owner of the female that seeks out and contacts the stud owner for discussion of a possible breeding.

Many people would love to replicate their beloved dog in the form of a puppy, but when just breeding to make puppies to any female that is available, chances are slim that you will end up with what you want. It takes a lot of knowledge of bloodlines to make appropriate pairings.
So the best advice is to go back to your breeder and for another puppy - much better chance of getting a pup with the traits that you admire in your dog that way.

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