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Smile Is paper training in x-pen interfering with overall housebreaking?

Hello everyone,
I just brought home my 8 week old female GSD puppy four days ago. She is great and really making daily progress on training and being in her crate and so forth. The only problem we are having is potty training.
For a little background, I have had several puppies before, and they were all more or less potty trained within a week or less. My other GSD puppy would stand at the door and alert me by 9 weeks old.
My breeder had a setup where the pups and dam were in a divided enclosure where on one side they had a crate, and the other side a bunch of wood shavings that was their toilet area. I have a similar setup-an exercise pen in my garage with a bed on one side, and a puppy pad with wood shavings on the other side.
I also am crate training her and she does not soil her crate. If we are at work, she goes in the x-pen, if we are home we are either supervising her + taking her outside frequently with treats and praise, or she is in her crate if we are too busy to have an eye on her. Also if we are only going to be gone for an hour or two she is crated.
So back to the problem- she has had about 2-3 accidents per day all around the house and doesn’t seem to be catching on to the outside thing at all. We are always watching her like a hawk, and sometimes we get her outside on time, but other times she gives no warning at all and just squats and pees or poops without sniffing around or anything. She does it so fast we don’t have time to react besides saying “NO!!” and then picking her up and taking her outside. The “NO!” doesn’t interrupt her like it did my other pups, she just keeps going, even if you pick her up (learned that the hard way, gross). A couple of times, I have taken her outside after a meal and she has gone to the bathroom, and then we come inside and she does it again right on the floor.
She poops right on the wood shavings in her x-pen, and also did so with the breeder.
What I am wondering, is if the pooping area in her long term confinement area is interfering with her overall housebreaking? I have read that paper training just makes dogs go everywhere as they do not distinguish between pads vs. carpet or tiles, etc. Is this what is going on here? Is it possible to have a puppy that understands to go outside the majority of the time, unless they are confined?
I would love to hear your experiences and recommendations.
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