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Default SV show questions

So in the spring time....(April?!) I will be (hopefully) showing Berlin, for the heck of it. Want to 'experience' the show ring.

I am just REALLY confused.

What do I need before hand? Like....pedigree (what kind? I have the certified one), microchip verification? Anything else?

Do I have to be a member of the USCA/DVG/whatever?

Do you find a handler BEFORE? (a regional conformation show) or just show up and pray you find one?

How do I even practice 'gaiting'? (I am worried by joining a conformation class...(AKC) it won't be useful) I stack him (not well but I never have help). But he's used to being put into the pose and holding it for a few seconds.

How do you get their coat show ready? (he has what I call 'afro' fur)

Anything ELSE?
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