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Default Good news and questions

I have no idea which forum this would fit in, so MODS move it around if needed.

First, the good news - I'm gonna be a grandmom around mid-may. First time, so it will be hard to not spoil the bugger lol.

Next the questions. Woolf and his limitations <sigh>. He has done fantastic progressing as far as he has in his behavior, but is still a very managed dog. It goes without saying, my first and foremost priority is the safety of the granbaby, my second is protecting Woolf from himself.

We are going to be installing a kennel run most likely next to the deck, an out of the way area but still close enough it won't be like he is completely cut off. He'll have that, or times when he just can't hang out in the run, he'll have his crate and free run of the bedroom - there will be a latch installed high on the door once it is needed. This would be put to use when the kids and baby are visiting.

Is there anything else I can add to this setup or change to make it easier and/or safer? Punch holes in it or tell me what you did if had similar issues.
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