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Default Xray opinions.... Pano Confirmed?

My 6 month GSD pup Leon was playing outside with his 'brother' last weekend who plays a bit rough. Leon went down, yelped really loud and started limping. I thought he pulled a muscle or had a fracture. He would still try to run and fight with his brother like nothing happened but in the house he would hobble and limp and sit while holding it up slightly.

My other dog, had pano at about this time 6months old, but it was a lot different, as in true pano, bones hurt to be squeezed and would travel. I thought I took care of the issue with a lower calcium food, Wellness core, puppy, for a nice slow growth.

Leon's bones do not hurt to be squeezed, or manipulated in anyway except downward pressure towards the ground. I just got back from the vet who initially thought it was a muscle sprain but looking at the xrays it's hard to deny that it looks like classic pano. If i hadn't seen it happen I would believe it hands down. My question, could it be a small fracture and the xray is showing the healing, or just crazy coincidental timing for pano. Thanks guys.
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