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I first had Zelda on Glyco-flex 2.
She is now on Cosequin DS, as my Vet said it is better because the glyo-flex 2 doesn't have Chondroitin, which is very important. But maybe your Vet will think otherwise. Cosequin DS is more expensive, but i do believe it is working on my dog.
Here you can compare three different kinds: Compare Cosequin DS Plus MSM to Glyco-Flex II to Glyco-Flex III

Also start with fish oil. Depends the weight of your dog, but Zelda gets 1000mg a day. But i believe people go from 800mg-1500mg. Depends the weight. When you go into the Vet, ask him how much he advice's, fish oil has many great benefits, including for joints.
For brands, any fish oil works well as long as its the right kind-which your Vet will explain to you when you ask. It needs to have omega 3 fatty acid and dha. But you can use human fish oil. The fish oil i use with my dog is
Amazon Amazon

I like it because it has a minty smell, and it has high proportions of the omega and dha. But there are probably better brands out there too! Just keep researching and ask your Vet.
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