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Default Best Hip/Joint Supplements? (5 month pup clicking hip)

My 5 month old Female has had a slight clicking noise in her right hip as of late. It started out very faint and only happened sparingly.. however it is now a bit more noticeable.

She does not appear to be in pain nor show any signs of discomfort when we play or go out for a walk (on or off lead). She sways from time to time and does have the occasional bunny-hop when running or playing, however I hope this is just occasional puppy behavior.

She is AKC registered however did not come with a health contract nor a hip guarantee.

I purchased her at 11 weeks. Upon inspection at my local vet he did feel a slight variation in the right hip. The vet could feel a slight click or popping when he rotated her right hip/leg, however he was not overly concerned because it was so faint. He advised to monitor it and let him know if there were any changes. This was in late September.

I have called the vet and am taking her in on Wednesday (Dec. 11th) to have him re-assess. Luckily there is an orthopedic vet practice in my area that specializes in Penn-Hip/OFA X-rays. I was quoted a fair price and plan on getting her X-rayed by Christmas. I am hoping this is just a loose ligament or a weakened muscle in the rear and not HD.

She plays a fair bit off-lead (usually twice a day, 20 mins with frisbee or with my friends 9 month rescue pup). Again, she does not display any signs of discomfort or pain when playing or walking. I typically walk her once a day.

I have heard Ester-C is good for dogs and fish oil works well for the joints. Any brands recommended? Thanks!
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