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Default Adopting a littermate at 14 months - good idea?

I hope I am posting this question in the correct section! I got a message from my 14-month old female's breeder that her brother from the same litter was returned to them and available for adoption. My husband and I had plans to eventually add a male GSD to our home and this seems like the perfect opportunity to make that goal happen, but I wanted some experienced opinions from you folks before we commit. I've read a lot about the down side of getting sibling puppies at the same time, but I wonder if the situation would be any different since they were not raised together.

Gerda (our female) has been in training classes for obedience since we got her at 16 weeks old and scent work most recently. She is a great girl with the exception of some occasional teenage rebellion. I am happy with her temperament and her brother appears to have a similar temperament.

Initially I see two potential issues with adopting him:

1. He has not had much training - this doesn't bother me terribly as he is very food motivated and in the brief visit we had with him, he seems very eager to please. When he found I had dehydrated liver in my pocket he kept throwing the two behaviors he knew (sit and down) at me to get that liver! I also enjoy training with my dogs.

2. He is intact and so is my Gerda. He did try to mount her during our visit to the breeder's to meet him. I'm not sure if it was sexual or a dominance thing. If we did adopt him we would have him neutered immediately.

We are planning to have him visit our house for the weekend to see how they get along on her turf. I'm trying to make an educated decision that is best for everyone, both dogs and people!

Here's a picture of the two dogs at their meeting:

He is on the left, she's on the right.

Thank you in advance for any advice on this situation!
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