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Default AHHH! Giant creepy red & white thing with shifting eyes!

Just like the pictures that hang in the staircases of all those old ghost story movies! AHHHH!!!!!!

So thought my dog, yesterday Everything was going so smoothly...I had dried liver, and also his frisbee, in case the line-up for the Christmas photo with Santa was too long. Ha.

We got to the store and it was empty. Little guy was so happy to be on an excursion - he walked up smiling to the owner, loving the attention. Had a nice look around at all the chews on display. Couldn't have been better...until we walked over to Santa.

BAH! Woof woof woof! Tail not tucked, ears not flat, no frothing at the mouth....but man-oh-man what a racket! He just did NOT like Santa. I gave Santa his frisbee, to no avail. I had Santa take off his beard and let him sniff it, still no go. I sat on the floor at Santa's feet and we played for a bit, but he still didn't like him. Fortunately, the photographer is also a trainer, so she lured him into position with her clicker and quickly banged off a few shots.

He turned back into Mr. Happy once it was over, greeting the new customers that came in. But he just did not like the Santa - who will probably send him coal this year. So much for the fuzzy wubba he's been eyeing.
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