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Default Please Help? My GSD won't accept newest pack member.

Our GSD Xena tries to be a lap dog and is a very affectionate, but at 80 lbs, she's too heavy for me to pick up and carry around. I decided to add a lapdog to the pack and rescued a cream colored Pomeranian type dog from Craigslist. He's a year old, neutered, potty trained, extremely energetic, and loves being picked up. Our huge Siberian Husky Thor sniffed at him and acted like he wanted to play with him, but he was restrained to a degree by us holding on to his leash. Our humane society rescue dog Rascal played nicely with him. Unfortunately, Xena growled and tried to lunge at him while he happily jumped around and barked like he did with the other two. I was shocked. Xena has never acted this way toward another dog. In the past when at the dog park, Xena always tried to play with the other dogs. Once another dog nipped her and she whined and ran under the table. When Xena was still a puppy, she laid down and let a tiny teacup size dog bat at her face when it couldn't jump high enough to play with her. We haven't taken Xena to the dog park for a few months. Could she have forgotten how to socialize with other dogs? Xena must learn how to get along with this dog. Failure is not an option. Should we try to reintroduce them at the dog park? Should we put both of them in their crates in the front room and slowly move the crates closer together? Should we give the new dog a bath, pet Xena, and rub Xena's scent all over him? How do we convince Xena accept our new addition?

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