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Default Video dump :)

So I was looking through my youtube account and figured I'd post the videos I had (thusfar) of Murdock. He's growing up so fast! Though at the same time, not fast enough! He's still a very crazy energetic puppy!

He is about 12 wks old in this one (look at all the black fur, I miss that!) He wouldn't dock dive (though who could blame him, the dock is very high up...) though he did... um... walk off of it trying to get to me. Regardless, that didn't phase him or his love of splashing in the water!

Murdock at the lake - YouTube

Here he is at 4 months and demonstrating his place command (though not on cue yet)

Mat work - Murdock, 4months old - YouTube

At 4.5 months playing with his new friend Dobby, the Italian Greyhound x Chinese crested mix :P

Murdock and Dobby - YouTube

Almost 5 months and mtbing (we did very short trips with lots of stops for him to play)... now it's too cold and too wet to go out hopefully in the spring we'll have more opportunities!

20131030_135356.mp4 - YouTube

This was taken on the last day of his puppy class. On day one of puppy class he wouldn't go near that A frame :P As you can see.. he's overcome that!

20131030 194509 - YouTube

When Murdock was about 5.5 months old we found a stray GSD puppy... they became fast friends in the couple weeks that puppy was with us. He eventually went to the GSD rescue where he has since found his forever home!

Non stop - YouTube

And last (for now) Murdock's perch work video. We have since begun work on turning on the platform. He's a clever one...

Perch work - YouTube

He's a few days past 6 months old now This picture was taken just a couple days ago with his best friend Achilles (the malamute)...

A big difference from when they first met (below)

Murdock - GSD
Virgil, CGC - GSD
Tara, Reagan, Madison, and Jefferson - Aussies
The birds: Dante - CAG / Nero and Sunshine - Budgies
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