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Default Evie hates having vistors

Hello everyone ! I am new to this website. I am seeking helpful tips and advice on my 11 month old German Shepherd mix We adopted her when she was 6 months old. Her name is Evie because she was born on Christmas Eve. When we first adopted her she was terriffed of people, being outside and being alone. Since then, she now loves being outside and soaking up the sun. She still is afraid of being left alone, so if we leave her we just put her in her crate and she does very well. She is no longer afraid of people, she now HATES them. I shouldn't say hates people, she just hates new people coming into our home. If I take her to a friends house, puppy day care, etc. she is totally fine ! She loves everyone outside of our home. I understand she is being protective of our home, which is good to a certain extent. It has got so bad we can't even have people over anymore and if we do, we have to put her in her crate which isn't fun for anyone. We are currently working with an in home trainer but I am not seeing results and it's getting very costly. She is such a fun, loveable dog that we just adore, but i'm starting to feel very helpless that this kind of behavior is fixable. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.

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