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Default What to do?! Metal crate incident with paw! PLS READ!

My wife and I keep chauceys crate in our bedroom, well it was 4am when chaucey is all of the sudden whimpering and crying hysterically. I flip the light on and her toe is wedged into the side of the wire crate. She must've done it dreaming or her paw just got wedged in there just right for it to get stuck in that position. She's fine now but I could tell she was hurting- ears were down for a while and she does that when she's hurt.

Has anybody had this happen to their dog before? Do you have any suggestions on what I can put on the crate wall to prevent this? Thank god this happened while we were at home and not gone at work! Because her paw toe was stuck in there good and she couldn't get it out, I has to remove her paw from the crate wall.

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