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Default Questions about how to train my puppy?

My dad bought home an amazing puppy about 2 months ago, at the time he was about 10 months old I believe. He's now 1 and my dad is thinking of getting rid of him.

My brothers all attend school and my dad is a head teacher, the trouble with the dog is that since he hasn't really been trained he chews a lot of stuff and more or less is stuck inside his cage and doesn't get out much.

I work days so I try to walk him a lot at night but I'm very tired so usually after his walks he's stuck inside again, since my dad bought him home I don't see it fair on the dog to be given away after he's become part of our family.

So I'm wanting to train him as much as I can, just I have no idea how to.

He has a cushion that he lays on when outside of his cage so I removed his cage and put the cushion in its place, he started to sleep on it but then randomly he'd begin to chew everything in sight. This includes Xbox controllers, ipads, corners of the door.

I read online you have to make sure to tell him the difference between his stuff and yours, so I bought him a large bone since he doesnt want to play with his toys. He started to chew the bone a lot and would prefer that but then instead of chewing when left out alone he'd end up leaving large steamy presents for us...

Another problem is when out walking, since I'm the only person who does walk him and it's not often although very long walks he pulls a lot. There was even a time when a lad from around my area had his hood up and my dog tried to nip him. So since then I've been really worried about walking him in case he tried to bite someone.

I feel really bad since he doesn't get out much or any exercise and it's really not fair on him so I'd love any help at all, I'm willing to buy whatever is needed although I don't have a great deal to spend.
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