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Default Is my 11 year-old german shepherd dying?

Hi all,

I'm pretty heart-broken right now. We have a beautiful long-haired german shepherd who's been in our family since we rescued her 9 years ago. We think she was 2 years old when we adopted her, but no one's positive about her age. We think she's 11 years old now, and she's had limping problems with her back legs for a while now. But we've given her those glucosamine chrondantin (I know I'm spelling that wrong) tablets and it seems to help. She'll limp in the morning, then be better as the day goes on. Yesterday she walked just fine.

But this morning she was dragging both hind legs behind her, barely moving by pulling herself along the ground by her two front legs. We laid her down on her big, comfy bed, and covered her with a blanket because she was shivering. We offered her food from her bowl, and she eagerly ate some, then regurgitated it all back up (sorry for TMI). She does that sometimes, but usually not right away like she did. I noticed she hadn't drank her water and I offered her water bowl and she eagerly drank, then started acting like she couldn't swallow the water, but couldn't get it back up either. This went on for 5 minutes. She pooped in the kitchen for the second time in a week yesterday, and my husband says she has to sleep outside now (noo!). He got her a heat pad and put it under a blanket underneath her, and we covered her with a blanket, too. We're in california, so it's not as old in other parts, but it is a bit chilly. She's been laying with the blanket and heat pad for hours now, and I go out to pet her and talk to her and she just lays there looking at me. No food or water have been touched all day.

I know, we should just bring her to the vet. We are sooo financially strapped right now, though. We would have to put the visit on a credit card, and I know we couldn't pay for any tests or treatments of any sort, so i wonder if we should just bring her to see if the vet recommends putting her down if we can't pay for treatments and tests. He's a very nice vet and we haven't seen him in a few years now. Should we just charge the visit to have him possibly tell us the worst and of course I'll feel terrible because I can't pay for tests- because I don't want her in pain or misery, if she is. She's very calm- not restless or crying, so I don't know.

We love her so much, it breaks my heart. Do these sound like pretty bad symptoms to you?

Thanks for reading,
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