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Red face Molly was rescued today!

I went to the local shelter because I saw a post of a full GSD. I called at 12:15pm. Got there at 1:30pm. The new owners (not me) adopted her at 12:45pm.

Was sad that I missed out because I had been looking for a bit and wanted a GSD but prefer to rescue so its a bit of a hard find.

Walked up and down the dog area. Saw a 7 year old male. Wife wanted to definitely get a female.

Then I see a GSD/Lab mix that was laying down with her big ears looking at me. She put her paw on the window, so I set up some time with her.

2 years old, was a stray. Knows sit and shake. Very calm (for As soon as we got in the room, she walked in between my legs (like the picture although that was taken later) and then sat down. She let me look in her mouth and roll her over to check out her belly. When I was done petting and inspecting, she laid down at my feet. Guess she's coming home with me..

I know its hard to tell what this one's temperament will be like being a mix once I get her home, and possible health problems, but I couldn't say no and she apparently picked me too.

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