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Default How old was your dog before she was housebroken?

I became Greta's owner when she was 6 months of age. She came to me completely crate trained but not 100% housebroken. She is now 7 months old and although the accidents are rather infrequent, 1-2/week I am getting concerned that her bladder/bowel control is "selective" when outside the crate. She also asks to go out every 2 hours to pee. In her defense her previous owners were able to bring her to work every day so she never had to hold it for extended periods when outside her crate.

By comparison, my Male Golden retriever "Moose" was completely housebroken at 4 months old and the crate was disassembled at 6 months. My husband and I work full time and even when we went into overtime (9 +hours) he would NOT pee or poop in the house (unless he had tummy troubles).

Greta easily goes a full work day in the crate with no accidents but is not showing signs that she is anywhere near ready to be left in our home for even 3 hours without relieving herself.

Was Moose just extremely easy to housebreak? Or is Greta slow to learn that outside is her bathroom. I am now training Greta the same way I did Moose... hopefully she will be able to ditch the crate in a few months.

She also pees 3-5 times when let out in the morning and after work. Moose emptied his bladder all in 1 shot.

How old before your dog was housebroken?
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