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Arrow Contemplating a second dog.


I'm contemplating adopting a second dog. My current GSD is a 2 1/2 year old, Lanee, who is a rescue herself (adopted her at 7 months). She has come a long, long way in all areas and is much more the model GSD we'd all expect to see. That being said, she does tend to be territorial when it comes to other dogs in the home, though I've made some progress. Recently, a friend brought his 1 year old black lab over, and after some verbal reprimands when Lanee showed her teeth a couple times (coupled with focusing both dogs on treats, playing games, etc), they seemed to do alright in the home and the aggression faded into both dogs running up and down the halls at Mach 3 along with general puppy antics. All was well.

Now translate this to a permanent situation with a different dog. Do I think it can be done? Maybe. The proper steps have to be taken to introduce them and start to form a bond (meeting on neutral ground, maybe going for a walk together, etc). Or can the flip-side be true and Lanee may simply not want another dog to share the home with?

Thoughts? Opinions? Sound off.
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