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So yesterday I took my pup, Loki, over to see his brother, Gunner, at my buddies house. ((Since we both got our pups we've been trying to have play dates every month or so. They are 7 months old and we've had them together at least 4-5 times since they were brought home from the breeder. The last time we got together was probably 2 months ago unfortunately)). So the first 10-15 mins or so they were very good together. Just kind of chasing each other around the yard playfully. Then all the sudden they both started trying to show dominance over one another and started playing rougher. Growling snarling and some teeth baring came next. At this point we tried seperating them but they sorta slipped on the ice together and started wildly clawing and biting at one another. I grabbed my boy by his collar and pulled him away but in the midst of the commotion him or his brother bit my leg. Thank goodness that was the only injury that occurred. We leashed them up and kept them seperated the rest of the date. They seemed to calm down and not really pay much attention to one another after 25-30mins or so. But we are really bummed out that they aren't playing nice anymore. Is their anything you guys recommend to try so we can safely incorporate these two brothers. We are thinking about going on walks together weekly..
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