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Default Worried, Brothers, Raw Diet, Please interpret these scores, good or bad.. ?

Hello Fellow GSD Lovers...

Ali and Caesar, two Brothers, Black Working Dog GSDs, x-rays at 12 months.. Here are the scores, I am a bit worried, because I did throw the ball quite a bit and walked them quite a bit, and did not restrict their exercise as much as the Breeder wanted... I did however not let them jump into the truck, I built them an alloy ramp.. And I did not let them jog along with the horses much, or have too much repetitive exercise..

Please tell me if these are good or not so good on a 1-10 basis, (I am a bit worried) my plans were to use one as Stud Dog for a litter with a Von Forell bloodline PPD dog Bitch Shaka... (one litter, one day no rush) The Boys are about 27" tall, growth retarded on RAW Diet, medium lean at 40 kg, could use about 5-8 kg more in muscle now that I can exercise them a bit more.. So how did I do? Don't pull your punches, if the scores are bad I won't breed them...

This is a Formal Grading Sheet, endorsed by the Australian National Kennel Council and the Australian Veterinary Association... In case it is not the same as yours, I have put in the technical Latin Medical Anatomy terms...

Sorry but: Nice neat columns did not work on this Post... scores are Caesar right,left Ali right, left
Caesar /Ali
R ,L /R ,L

Norberg Angle 2 ,0 / 1, 1
Subluxation 2, 1 / 1 ,3
Cranial actabular edge 0 ,0 /1 ,2
Dorsal acetabular edge 0 ,0 /0 ,0
Cranial effect actabular rim 0 ,0 /0 ,0
Acetabular fossa 0, 0 /0, 0
Caudal acetuabular edge 0 ,0 /0, 1
Femoral head/neck exostosis 0, 0/ 0, 0
Femoral head recontouring 0, 0 /0, 0

Total Caesar 5 , Ali 10 (Max Possible 106)

Caesar 0 ,0 Ali 0, 1 ( 2mm)

How did we do? Thank you in advance,
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