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Default Limping on Right Front Leg

Sheba was a rescue from SPCA and had been picked up as a stray so don't know exact age or history but think she is about 7 or 8 (or maybe 9)...just started getting gray under her muzzle less than a year ago... she abruptly started limping about 1 year ago continuously but only slightly with no hindrance in activity level but this winter limp is worsening after a couple of days of excessive running...first time recovered but this second time starts out just walking (after getting pain pill) and is obviously in pain by the end of walk. Took her to the vet before all this started getting worse and she prescribed tramadol which I give her only before the walk or after. Got an arthritis supplement which hasn't really kicked in yet. I now have a list of some remedies such as adequan, dasuquin, nuviflex etc but have to check all these out first. No other health issues, not overweight. I'm feeding her origen senior interspersed with wet food. This picture here I just took today after the walk and she still doesn't look very happy. Just wondering the best course of meds, etc
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