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Unhappy Whats going on????

Whatís going on?!?!?! We were doing so good and now itís like sheís not potty trained at all? This literally started 2 days ago, she started peeing in her crate at night. We take her out before bed and make sure she doesnít drink too much. Thatís not that bad though, I know itís going to happen sometimes but today my wife was cleaning the kitchen and was sweeping under the table and found 3 sticky piles. (pee) Sheís the only one small enough to fit under the table so we know for sure that itís her. Anyways, sheís 4 Ĺ months old and was doing so good, sitting at the back door to tell us that she needs to go outside and the only time she would have an accident is when we wouldnít see her there but she would pee at the door. We never punished her for that because it wasnít her fault, we donít say anything, and we just let her outside while we clean it up and watch her go outside and then praise her. So I donít know why all of a sudden she started peeing under the table. I did notice last night when I got home, I let her out and she went pee and after she walked around in her pee stance for a while like she was still trying to go. Well about an hour after I went to bed Iím woken up by her crying and she peed in her crate, so I let her outside and she did the same pee stance walk. Is this a sign of a bladder infection? I need help on what to do if itís not health related.
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