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You should really research temperament of the GSD and how it can vary greatly from a backyard breeder, which from the price you quoted is exactly who you are buying from, or will be buying from, and a well-bred GSD that is bred for temperament, intelligence, health, and drive.

It is literally a roll of the dice when you cheap out on the puppy you are going to introduce to your home and family and live with for up to a decade or longer when you buy from a puppy mill or backyard breeder.

These types of breeder breed for money, or well meaning ignorant types that think Rex and Heidi would make 'beautiful puppies' without regard to their health or temperament.

It cannot be stressed enough how important good temperament is to this breed in it's ability to learn, be social, and obedient.

If you are dead set on buying a GSD from a backyard breeder you are honestly better off with the shotgun.

This is just to inform you and not berate you or make you feel bad about what you have decided up to this point. You really need to do more research about this breed, husband's experience not withstanding.

I've raised and trained five GSD's over 30 years time and I am still learning about them. Many people here have raised tens of dogs; many more than I have. You should at least listen to their advice.

Good luck and I think everyone here hopes you make the right decision.
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