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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
You want to start actively socializing. So what I mean by that is don't just expose her to new people places and things. You need to do it at distances she is comfortable at and then use food to actively make the experience positive. Don't just leave it up to chance as to whether or not she sees it as a positive experience.

I would stop feeding her from a bowl. Use all her food daily for socialization. You would be the one feeding her don't make her take food from strangers as will be explained in the video. Don't force her to go up to people that bother her or take her too close to people to the point she starts refusing to take food. If she is hungry and stops taking food from you she is too close. The only feeding during socialization is good for a few reasons. It forces you to socialize or the dog doesn't eat. It also helps her associate going out to places that are a bit outside her comfort zone as more positive because if that isn't happening she doesn't eat.
Great advice. That way she can move at a speed she is comfortable with and I am not making her even more scared. I would have to agree that it is most likely coming out of fear.
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