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Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
What about it makes you think it's aggressive? Can you explain it?
Well, when she first started acting out on our walks she was lunging, barking and growling. I thought it was aggressive but my boyfriend thought I was over-reacting or reading her wrong... He thought I also might have been subconsciously acting different since she growled the first time (maybe more tense/nervous when approaching people as I didn't want her to lunge and growl at them), and that was making it worse.

Then my boyfriend and I took her on a walk together - I had him walk her as he would be much more confident... She started growling, lunged, and snapped at the elderly lady. The lady was very nice and understanding, so we tried to calm Macy down and let the lady pet her (in hindsight I am thinking this was probably not the best thing to do) but Macy bared her teeth and tried to snap again. Myself, my boyfriend and my mom were all there when she snapped at the elderly lady and we all thought it was aggressive.

But I will admit I don't think I'm the best at reading dog behaviour... I find it hard to tell when she is play fighting with other puppies and when it's going too far. So maybe we read it wrong and she was just excited... It all happened very fast. I just want to be sure I'm doing what's best to ensure she won't be aggressive, and will have good manners in approaching new people and dogs. People aren't too intimidated when she growls and lunges now as she's just a pup (although after Macy snapped at the lady a second time she was a little frightened), but as she gets bigger and older I don't want her to be scaring innocent walkers.

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