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Lots of answers really fast here!

Okay I have raised several puppies in my life, all which lived out their days with us. I have the ability to pay for all their needs, but will not pay that much for the puppy itself. This may sound bad to those of you who breed them and pay that for them ect. but right now a this stage in my life I can't imagine spending that much for a pup when I could buy one a lot cheaper and but the extra money to make the puppy's life better. We have had AKC reg. dogs, pure bred but un reg. dogs, and mutts, in my opinion if raised correctly they all love you the same.

A rescue is most likely not an option I have looked into them but they never have puppies. I refuse to buy an adult dog right now. With having a young son, I just won't risk the chance of having a dog that I don't know how it was raised. People can say they are kid safe, and even being supervised in a spilt second one bite could ruin my sons life, if not kill him. I will not put my self in that place. Once again I am not trying to sound harsh or make any one mad. I have had rescue dogs before and love them, currently my basset hound is a rescue. He is a one in a million dog, we where really worried when my son was born about how he would act, we even considered rehoming him, lucky he is amazing with my son. I know their are more like him out there but I am not willing to risk it, I will rescue more dogs when my son is older.

She is currently living outside (by her self) I would never think about this if she wasn't used to it already.

I was miss-understood about the protection, the dog will not be thrown out to attack some one if there where to be a break in. More of an early detection system. I want to know when some one pulls into my drive way or is walking around my house. (: I would never put my dog in harms way ever! They are a part of my family.

Thank you for your replies (:

I just see gbchottu's reply and will reply back shortly

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