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Personally I would wait until you are settled into your new home before getting a puppy.

The set up sounds fine, just think that raising a puppy is hard enough without having to worry about packing and moving and setting up house and taking care of a baby.

A GSD of good quality, health and temperament tested parentage is going to cost you between 800-1800. It is worth it, especially with a baby, to stack the deck in your favour in regards to health and temperament.

So, get your house in order, settle in, get unpacked, celebrate the holidays, save the money and get exactly what you want.

You may also want to check out rescues. They often have very nice, temperament tested adults for adoption. That may be a great way to go. No worrying about the puppy chewing on the baby, housebreaking is done, crate training us done, and you know exactly what you are going to get in terms if size. Plus, rescue usually charge between 250-400 adoption fee.

If money is a concern, please remember that the first year of a puppies life us very expensive. Vet visits every 3 weeks, deworming, spay/neuter. The costs are substantially more than the price paid. And adult dog would incur less immediate medical attention.

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