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Default Can she stay outside ?

Hi, I am new here! I found this site while searching the internet for my question. So here goes
Here is some back ground information so you can better understand my situation and hopefully not judge me to horribly...

My husband and I have purchased a piece of property and a trailer. We are currently living with my parents. (There are 7 of us in this house!!!!). Anyways it will be 4 - 6 weeks before we get moved in. Closer to 4 if the weather doesn't get crazy on us.
My husband works 2 nights, and 2 days a week, so I will be left home with our (1 year old) son. I have a really bad fear of having the house being broken into ect. This is one of the reason's I keep a 12 gauge in my bed room. Anyways when we started looking for property I started researching dog breeds (about 3 months ago), I have always owned dogs, all different breeds and sizes, but I have never owned a German Shepherd, my husband on the other hand has- he says she was the best dog he ever owned. So I read up on them and agreed with him that a German Shepherd might be a really really good fit to our family. I began looking for breeders and was really shocked the prices for an akc reg. pup where $600-$1200. An unreg. pup was $400-$600... I was amazed at how much these puppies sold for, but they sure sell fast so I guess they are worth it
Anyways skip forward 3 months I happened to search German shepherds for sale and found an 11 week old AKC reg. female, not to far away from me. I called about her and she is only $375. I showed her to my husband, he fell in love (as did I ).... so here is the problem/question:

She is currently staying outside ( I need to ask if what conditions she is staying in, if she is in an out building or a kennel with a dog house ect.). We want her to be an inside dog for the most part, but right now since we are staying with my parents my dad won't let another dog in the house 24/7 (we have 3 inside as of now)... So I came up with this idea; I can build her a pen outside are basement doors (this area is currently housing my four wheeler and some junk ), the area has retainer walls on both sides and a roof over it, so most of the weather is blocked. I would also provide a dog house packed with straw and could even put a heat light in it if it got really cold. Oh and I would buy her a jacket to wear. I am outside a lot even in the winter so when I am out she would be let out of her pen to play. She would also come inside to play and sleep in a crate inside at night.

Would this work or should I wait a month a try to find another puppy.. ?
Thanks for ready and sorry for the long post.
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