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Default Manners when meeting new dogs/people

My 4 month old puppy was fine on walks until about 3 weeks ago when she started barking and growling at people as we walked by them. Then one day she actually snapped at a little old lady... Thank goodness she missed, and the lady was very understanding. Since then we don't really know how to manage that behaviour and we didn't want to risk her biting someone, so we haven't been taking her on walks (have been taking her to the park instead to get exercise).

We have her in puppy classes right now and she has never shown aggression to any of the people there, never shown aggression to the vets, to visitors in our home, my family, etc. She does however bark at dogs when on leash in puppy class. During "play time" in puppy class she is generally well behaved except for playing a bit rough and sometimes escalating to the point where myself or the dog trainer has to step in (but this has happened with all the puppies in the class).

One behaviour I noticed when we were taking her on walks is that when she would see another dog approaching, she lays down. It's kind of like she is in "prey-stalking mode". She sometimes won't budge, or sometimes will lay down, then stalk closer to the dog low to the ground, lay down, stalk, etc.

Basically, my question is... How do I teach her proper manners for meeting new dogs and people? I know she is just a puppy but I want to make sure she doesn't show aggression to people or dogs. I haven't really been socializing her as much as I should because I don't want to put other people/dogs at risk since she almost bit the elderly lady. It seems so hit and miss with her... I took her to PetSmart last week and she was perfect, even when a little dog was barking and lunging at her. And then other times she will growl and lunge when not provoked (like when an innocent elderly lady is walking by).
Thanks for any help! I know this was long! Everyone has been so helpful with my other questions.

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