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We are recently proud owners of our new GSD puppy, Penny. She has just turned 10 weeks old and we picked her up from the breeder 3 weeks ago.

As she is our first GSD puppy (or any puppy for that matter) we were wondering if a few things were 'normal'. We have done lots of reading and researching but just wanted your first hand experiences to make sure that Penny is happy and that we are doing the right things.

Here is some info about what we have done:

1. Penny has her own room which has her basket, food, water and her toys - nothing else - she stays in here for about 50% of the day, the other 50% she is either outside in the garden (we are waiting for her 2nd vaccination to take her on walks) or running around the rest of the downstairs of the house. We need to lure her into the room at times when we cannot keep an eye on her in the rest of the house or at nighttime and I'd like her to be able to go in at her own will… will this come in time?

2. When she is around the rest of the house she is constantly running around nipping and jumping - she won't relax/lie down despite our best efforts - is this normal? We'd love to have her room open for her to go in and out of as she pleases, however she just seems to get too over excited and doesn't settle.

3. Over the past few days she won't eat from her bowl that she has previously been happy to do - she will eat the same food of the floor or from our hand but not her bowl - can anyone suggest why this may be?

4. When we first got Penny for the first 2 weeks she only had a couple of accidents (she would almost always go in the garden) however over the past week she has been having about 3-4 accidents a day (pee) + at night (pee & poo). We take her out almost every 1-2 hours in the day and at 11:30pm and then again at 06:15am. Is this right?

5. We have enlisted the help of a trainer to help us with some things; clicker training didn't work - I think we need to be better at this, but Penny has already learnt the sit command and lie down - most of the time, however when she is really excited (i.e. running around the house) she doesn't listen to anything! Normal?

Thank you for reading and for any tips you have! As we said, we're new and learning so sorry if anything seems obvious, our main concern is to make sure Penny is happy!
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