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Default He Acts Like He's Starving!!!

Hi all! I'm new to the group and new to GSD's. Have bred and shown shar-pei for 20 years so this is all new to me.

My question is - I have a 6 month old GSD puppy, Eli - lovingly known as the worst puppy ever, that acts like he's starving all the time. He's a counter-surfer and everything in general goes in his mouth so I'm inclined to think that he's not hungry but instead just being a puppy. I feed Infinia Holistic Bison and Potato, 2 cups in the morning and 2 in the evening. His growth in on track and he looks wonderful. I also have a 5 month old Anatolian Shepherd on the same feeding schedule, eating the same amount and he doesn't exhibit the starving behavior that Eli does. Just 3 days ago I dropped a third feeding and upped the amount they eat in the AM and PM.

Do you think he's hungry?
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