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It's play behavior from a 12 week old puppy. That's how they 'invite' the other dog to play. Sounds horrific sometimes and my pups tend to then start the 'Puppy on the Head' game. Many adult dogs do NOT enjoy this, will not play back, causing MORE frustration and increased barking/jumping from the pup.

Too bad they put the music in this cause that puppy is being LOUD

TRUTHFULLY, it's not the puppy you need to worry about. It's the adult dog. They are the one that if not 100% on board with this puppy can snap and injure/kill it. The puppy may be obnoxious, may be a pain in the behind, may be LOUD and have sharp teeth, but at 12 weeks old you are only seeing play behavior.

This is why we socialize and train our older dog(s) before ever adding a puppy so we know how they will behave. Then we use crates, baby gates, closed doors to give that older dog a break if needed.

PLUS, it's OUR job to exercise and play with the puppy. Not my older dog(s). So if they don't enjoy the puppy then I need to be vigilant and grab the toys to play. Take the puppy out of the house for classes/exercise/socialization. It's MY job to entertain the pup, my older dog didn't get a vote when it came to adding a puppy to the house.

Good luck.
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