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Default Does above=dominant ?

So I have heard, or at least have the general impression, that dogs associate elevation with dominance or pack rank. That probably did not come out as eloquent as I would like, so some examples.

Sometimes my pup will put his front paws over my shoulder while I sit on the ground

He sometimes, especially when coming out of his crate, will "tackle" me and stand over me while stretching and greeting me.

If I get off the couch and go to the ground he will hop up in my spot.

Maybe I am reading into it too much. I have not corrected any of these things because we have pretty loose rules outside of not being destructive. We like to rough house and wrestle. We are ok with him biting us a bit since he knows how hard he is allowed to and rarely goes over that threshold (he never ever draws blood). And mostly because I like affectionate dogs a lot and he is not super loving, and so whenever he is crawling all over me I enjoy it.

Am I reinforcing him to be dominant or be a dog that wants to climb the ladder so to speak?
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