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Default Puppy only pulls when... help?

Long time no post, so a photo is in order!

This is Drago, he is 57 lbs and coming up on 9 months. He is our first dog and smarter and more well behaved than we could ever ask for.

The only issue we are coming across is him pulling on his leash HARD. But he only does this when he knows we are going to the car, which almost exclusively means we are going to the dog park. Does anyone have any advice? Is he too young for a pinch collar? He is very ball driven, and when we try and use that to distract him he completely ignores it.

It starts inside, when we start layering up and getting ready to go. He knows the difference between just going for a walk or going out to go potty, and he starts getting all wound up. He also pulls to get into the dog park but for some reason that is more manageable it seems. He does not particularly like being in the car or going for rides, we have taken a few four to six hour drives with him so he is pretty desensitized to it I think.

We go to the park once a day for 30 minutes to 2 hours depending, and give him as much mental stimulation as we can at home. Has anyone had any success with similar situations? I tried to include as much info as I thought was relevant, my apologies for being so wordy.

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