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Default ? about aggressive humping behavior

Hi all.

So my 6.5 month old dutch shepherd loves to rumble with other dogs a lot. He plays very hard and is over stimulated by dog play and I'm working on it. My neighbor has two standard poodles that are marginally trained. They are usually off leash and come running up to me and barking and dancing all around. Naturally this sets off my puppy and escalates him too much. I get that I need to avoid this. He said to me tonight gravely that I have a real problem because when my puppy tried to mount his 7 year old male in the chaos, my neighbor said that Tygo, my pup, tried to grab his dogs neck from behind. He said this was extremely aggressive behavior. Today we met on the trails and Tygo was leashed his dogs were not and there was chaos and stupid me did not move on fast enough. Tygo is not mean but seems obsessed by dogs and definitely humps other dogs too much, again, I'm working on keeping him more calm around dogs in more controlled environments and limiting contact to get this under better control. We are making progress walking on a prong, keeping our distance from dogs and working on focus and positive reward for that focus.

My question, is there a degree of humping that indicates "real big problem"? I'm a little miffed just because while I know his dogs won't hurt anyone they are not under his control and they are not that polite when they mob me and the puppy.

Am I being oversensitive and do I have a really big problem?
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