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Unhappy One Year Old Male GSD Scaring All the People

About two months ago, I adopted a German Shepherd from the IVHS. They had listed nothing about the dog but his name, approximate age (of one year), breed, sex, and how he was found (picked up off the streets with truck). When I first met him, he was one of the loudest barkers in the kennels and he had a roommate too. When we were taken to the meeting place he would jump on us, run around, and every once in awhile bark at only visible dog from the meeting area. Since then he barks at every dog he sees whether if they're on the same path as us, across the street, or far off in the distance but still within his seeing range. As for people, he would bark only if they come really close, maybe two to four arm length?

When I take him on walks, I just try to avoid other dogs by turning around whether he has seen them or not. As for people, I try to keep myself between the other people and him. He doesn't try lunging at moving people as much anymore, if they stop to talk, he would stay calm until they come too close.

Today, I asked the trainer why he hasn't barked at her before. She just said that she gave him treats the first time they met. So I tried to get him to be use to my friend. We went to the park, my dog was on a leash in a walking collar thing and the second he saw my friend, my dog barked and tried lunging at him. I would turn around and come back. My friend would ask him to sit, my dog would do so, and throw a snack.

After awhile it seemed okay. My dog didn't bark at him and my friend was standing close enough where we could high five each other. He continued to feed my dog but after awhile my dog barked at him again. My friend had thought it was okay, he was just barking at the car driving behind him, but I knew that couldn't be it, my dog didn't really care for cars. We then went for a walk, my friend follow pretty close by, and my dog didn't care, he would go around sniffing as many things as he could.

When we were about to leave, I put my dog in my car, rolled the windows how a bit and talked to my friend for awhile. My dog, the second he saw my friend, barked at him again. I told him to "no" and he stopped. It happened about two times more before he stopped.

The trainer said he was just being protective but the people passing by don't even have to look in his direction for him to start barking/lunging at them. The only time I've seen him being "okay" near in a dog was the one in the kennel with him and the other dog that was suppose to be in the same class as us... but my dog probably just got tired of barking at him (and lost the barking wars).

As of now, there are no dogs in which my dog is okay to be around. The only people he can stand, without barking are me, my mother, my sister (MAYBE, she has never actually been in the yard with him, he just sees her through a window), the trainers he's seen, and the vet who he actually whimpered at when she wanted to check his teeth. ... Though there was this one time I walked into a room and there was this big fellow (that apparently owns 6 dogs at that moment) that let my dog sniff him. He never barked or lunged at him.


Other Info.

- He is mostly outdoors as my sister is scared of him when he barks. He sleeps in the garage.
- He knows most of the basic commands.
- Not aggressive when it comes to food, if I wanted to I could take his bowl away while he is eating and he would just sit there until I put it back down. He sleeps about a foot away from his food and treats.
- Has never bitten me or my mother, 'cept when we first got him and he would try to nip our ankles when playing, but I put a stop to that.
- I can poke his face, shove him when he is down, lift him a little and he wouldn't care the least.


The short version.

- Adopted a one year old, male German Shepherd.
- who barks and lunges at most people and all dogs (animals, active sprinklers, balloons that float into my yard)
- He doesn't get all poofy, his ears are pointed up, his tail is wagging
- Usually seems calm before encountering the people/animals he barks at

Is there a safe way I can help him socialize with other people and dogs? I don't really trust him walking up to someone and sniffing them but not bite them.

I'm starting to see people turn around when they see me walk my dog around my neighborhood.


Sorry that this post is really long.;;
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