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Default Unexpectedly owner of a GSD ... The finished version

For some reason my first post was not able to be edited, and posted incompkete

Hello all.

If someone would have asked me 3 months ago what I would be doing right now, I would have said "cuddling with my 4 year old Golden Retriever Moose. Sadly on October 6th Moose passed away from Renal failure. If you have a moment here's the video I lovingly created in his memory

In Memory of Moose, Moose's Journey - YouTube

A couple weeks later My aunt and uncle desperately asked if I could take in their 6month old rambunctious GSD "Greta" temporarily while my Uncle went for a 4th surgery on his knee implant.

In the meantime they decided that they could no longer keep Greta and offered us the opportunity to be her mom and dad. She is a totally different dog with us then she is at my aunt and uncles. At our home, stays on the floor, plays with her toys, and behaves like a little angel and rarely mouths when playing . Over There she jumps all over furniture steals from counters, steals from trash. Takes shoes/socks/slippers etc... she's a land shark as well and gnaws away at their arms and clothing whenever she is petted by them.

Even though I am still heartbroken over loosing my cherished "Moose" Greta is warming her way into our hearts!

I have several issues about her quirks though and will post them in a separate thread.
Thanks all for viewing
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