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Oh i have always wanted to vent about that! belonging to a rescue i am in an interesting spot, some rescues are indeed amazing my rescue is AMAZING! some..not so much, they do not have it together and can really put a bad name on rescues in general, before i rescued my shiloh i went to a GSD rescue and described what i wanted, "a male or female, good with dogs, and would enjoy a life of love long hikes, boating and camping trips" the response i got was "no, we dont have what your looking for please do not contact us again" ?????? wha!!! okay, i did not and we went to a reputable rescue and adopted our big mixed mutt, breed specific rescues can be so freakn rude, picky and judgemental people are forced to go out and buy a puppy, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a pure bred dog, as long as you realize its a life long commitment..and yes i do think there are responsible breeders, and sorry a labrador is not going to round up sheep like a border collie can, their are so many breeds of dogs that WORK for people. I know if i were to say any of this on my rescues page i would be burned at the stake..not by the actual volunteers who run it, but by their crazy bunch of followers willing to throw down over the comment section..jeez that felt good to vent.
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