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Tolerance only if you agree with them...

I don't have an answer to your question specifically. Before we put our deposit on our pup, we tried to adopt from two different agencies. One flat out stood us up and then tried to blame us, the other lacked any professionalism. I still haven't heard back from the second after we were supposed to have an appt on a Sunday in September after we changed our plans to accomodate, talked to the woman for an hour on the phone......

I'm not the only one that has had experiences like this. We met all the requirements and then some. They aren't going to adopt pets out by acting this way. At least not to professional, considerate people like me. So we spent an exorberant amount of money on a pup from a breeder that treated us with respect and continues to do so.

I know some will probably think the agencies discounted us for whatever reason. Both said we were perfect to adopt. We have adopted in the past and will likely adopt again. I know most of these people are volunteers but our experience was absolutely rediculous.

Ok, sorry, end rant.
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