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Default How do you handle people STRONGLY against all breeders?

I recently had a fb discussion a friend who is strongly against purposefully breeding any dog until all shelters dogs are either rehomed or no longer face euthanasia. After expressing my concerns for health, temperament, and the sheer presence of dogs on the planet for more than the next 15 years she still did not see any need for breeders. She and I were able to handle things civilly and agreed to disagree.

However, today I have been absolutely blasted by people on fb:

"My opinion is that buying a dog from a breeder is tantamount to killing a shelter dog. And I've lived with both pure breds and mutts, and the purebreds are whack jobs 99% of the time. Give me a loveable mutt any day. I guess it depends on if you want a dog as an accessory or a companion."

"So, put yourself in a room with two dogs. Dog 1: your breeder's female who will be bred when you have agreed to buy the animal. You would get one of her puppies in about 4 months. Dog 2: the dog that dies today if he is still homeless at 6pm. Who do you choose? What if I told you it was a cuddly 8 wk old mutt that would be killed? How about a shy two year old shep that outlived her usefulness to a terrible breeder? My perspective is that it does not matter how "great" a breeder is or what testing they do."

For the moment I have just ignored the comments. And I can do that because it is over the computer. In a face to face scenario though that's not necessarily a viable option.

Does anyone have any suggestions for handling those who are vocally and adamantly anti-breeder? --For the record I have a well bred dog and a rescue dog. I support both sides of the equation. Just not the attacks on respectable breeders.---
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