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Question cat owners any idea what happened?

I moved into a new place about a month ago

My cat and dog have lived together for 3 years they always got along

But out of the blue today i saw my dox staring at something then bolt I guess the cat was at the top of the basement stairs and the dog ran after her? SHe NEVER treats the cat like preY?

Then I hear my dog let out of loud YELP i go do down and give her a strong correction cause shes not suppose to go and bolt after my cat like that ever, she never did before

My cat took it so personally and just went insane all puffed up ready to fight for her life and now treats my dog like a strange dog that needs her eye sockets clawed out? My dog is not showing aggression or anything she even took her ball over to the cat but the cat tried to tear her nose off. Since i got here the cat has been hanging out really high up so doesnt come in contact with my dog much anymore also the cat spends a lot of time in the basement.

I wonder if the loud yelp was just from my cat clawing her?
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